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Cakery New Zealand

Naveeta Prakash

Naveeta Prakash

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Please add this to cart, and when you check out, select your ACTUAL PICK UP DATE , TIME AND LOCATION that you want. 

Please read the description and T&C below: 

As for the cake design, it will follow the rough design for the latest photo you sent to me, but final design will depend on the size of your truck, and how we can position it on the cake, so it will look slightly different from the photo. Please note on that, because  we do not guarantee 100% likeness as all our cakes are handmade. Please see our purchase T&C at the end of this email. 

Here is your quote summary: 
Cake size: 6 inch 4 layer 
Cake flavour: Please see file attached 
Cake design: 
  • Similar to the photo 
  • Light blue cake with gold flakes 
  • 2 monster truck on the cake (provided by customer)
  • Hot Wheels Logo with “Shiva” in it
  • Other bits and bobs in Hot wheels colour scheme. (orange, blue and red. 

Total: $195 + 3% processing fee 
Final Total: $200.85
(price includes the graphic design fee for the name)

Pick up details: 
Date: 4th July 2024 
Location: Botany 

This quote is valid till 14th June 2024. 

Terms and Conditions of purchase: 

Please note that by purchasing from us, you agree to the following terms:

For dark colors, there may be a possibility of staining the mouth, teeth, and other areas that come in contact with it.

The photo is taken from the internet, so please allow 1-2 shades of artistic tolerance. As these items are handmade, there will be a slight variation from the original. Additionally, there may be color differences depending on how the photo appears on different devices.

By completing your purchase, you acknowledge and accept these terms. Please note that we are not liable for any issues related to the conditions mentioned above.


Let me know if you have any questions
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