Custom for Shaelah [email]
Custom for Shaelah [email]

Custom for Shaelah [email]

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Here is your updated order summary: 
Two tier cake design - similar to photo attached 
Cake size: 6 inch and 8 inch, each tier will have 4 layers of cake 
Cake Flavour: 
Top tier: Salted Caramel
Bottom Tier: Cookies and Cream 

The cake price is $365 

A simple Cake topper: Happy 1st Birthday John Fuatimu with photo - please send us his photo soon as you can. 

Matching cupcakes, with Maui Hook on the cupcake covered with cookie crumb (to make it look like sand), please see attached. 
Cupcake Size: Regular
Cupcake flavour: Do you want half in chocolate and half in vanilla? Or just single flavour? 
Each cupcakes is $5.50
24 pieces = $132 

This will bring the total to: $532

Adding 3% fee for Afterpay: Final total is: $547.96

Upon payment, your order will be booked in for pick up from Botany Store on the 24th March 2024 afternoon. Please check everything in the summary is correct, if you need to make any changes, please let me know first before making your payment. 
Please select Botany Town Centre for your pick up, and 24th March. Thank you. The item will not check out if you selected Takanini.